work with people,

designing and delivering exceptional programmes.



build beautiful technology,

making your work more effective, enjoyable, and easeful.



we can unlock the potential of people & organisations

to create a thriving society.

Introducing the

Companion App

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More time for what matters

Less time on admin

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Deeper behavioural shifts

Consistent & persistent engagement

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Get continuous feedback

Make progress visible, show your value

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Let's talk

We'd love to hear your needs, discuss your ideas, and give you a demo. 

We believe we're all doing the same work, to support the flourishing of people and planet.

We'd love to discover if there is benefit in us doing that work together.

Nicholas is a great first person to chat with.

Peter, Michael and Reggie would also love to discuss your work and how we can amplify it. 


Nicholas Laurence

Founder, Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Candidate

Don't think twice, give me a call: +64 2102755263

or an email to


Peter Jacobson

Founder, Mindfulness Consultant, Experience Designer & Developer

+64 2040758702


Michael Smith

Founder, Developer, Project Manager


Reggie Luedtke

Founder, Developer, Founder of BlueTree Networks

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